2017’s minibook released

High design, economic feasibility, sustainable performance : here is the latest version of our portfolio, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

With its experience, PH expertise and large range of competences,  A2M is the perfect partner to value projects.
A2M team is composed of architects, engineer architects and thermal engineers. All trained specifically in the aspects of sustainable development & pragmatic passive design. These skills gathered under one roof enable us to combine the economic with the exemplary dimensions in each of our projects.

Although all our projects are passive – and for some Net Zero Energy, Exemplary Buildings, or Breeam – more than 50% are priced at an equivalent or lower cost than standard market prices.

A2M projects reach high standards with a pragmatical approach. A2M is specialized in feasibility studies for large scale developments.
Design approach, economic feasibility, high performance : the perfect combination to make a difference !