Front runner showcase at the BuildingEnergy NYC conference

NYC’s Ambitious New Energy Code – How Does It Stack Up?

Thursday, November 03, 2016 at 1:00 pm, Room / Location: Manhattan

Today, passivehouse is the Brussels Region building code. After years of experience working closely with government officials on public demonstrative projects and policies to promote Passive House, Sebastian Moreno-Vacca is now working on architecture projects and consulting on policy in NYC with his partner, Julie Torres Moskovitz, architect of the first certified Passive House in NYC.

NYC’s new Energy Code is going into effect in October and is a prime example of how cities are leading the charge to reduce carbon emissions. The code changes are meant to drive down energy usage, but could we do more? Other cities have implemented innovative energy codes meant to reach the next level in energy efficiency. This session will examine the best and the brightest emerging ideas on improving urban buildings and discuss where NYC codes might be headed next.

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