Ixelles Emploi on TV

Ixelles-Emploi, Brussels – Belgium from caviar.archi on Vimeo.

The Ixelles Employment Agency’s new offices, needed to be a real living space, open and pleasant both for people who work there and its users. This resolve guides the architectural approach at all levels of the project.

In fact, creating a living space, means thinking of and using the entire environment. From designing a building that complies with the most demanding energy standards to the urban integration of a dense program, it is the concern of abundant natural light which has guided the whole project. In other words, this space is the result of an approach that always considers the economic, human and social dimensions together.

Nowadays, this challenge of environmentally friendly architecture cannot merely be energy-saving. Energy efficiency is a necessity, but we have gone beyond that, so as to be more in line with the world in which we live and which we are building. Also, in a certain way this project aims to regenerate the social, economic and ecological environment.

We invite you to browse though the urban, social and ecological aspects which are implemented here.

Video by Caviar architecture / les délires productions